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June 05 2016

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Great Places to Visit in Boston

Boston is one of the most popular cities in New England. In fact, it is a haven for tourists and guests that want to explore one of America's most historic towns.  While visiting Bean Town, there are a number of must see attractions and historical sites for visitors. The following suggestions are based on traveler reviews and should be part of any Boston touring itinerary:

Fenway Park

Fenway Park tops many touring destinations for Boston visitors. This historic baseball stadium is home to the famed Boston Red Sox. With stadium tours and complimentary beverages, you and your loved ones will have hours of non-stop entertainment and fun. From the Babe Ruth exhibit to a pictorial history of the rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox -- there is so much to do and see at the stadium. You will also love the hot dog stands, while shopping for souvenirs or enjoying traditional Irish ale at one of several restaurants and bars nearby.

Museum of Fine Arts

The MFA is another must-see attraction in Bean Town. There is a great restaurant located within the museum that specializes in scrumptious appetizers and mouth-watering entrees. From modern art and sculptures to classical and vintage paintings, the Museum will truly illuminate the mind and spirit. The Renoir Exhibit and Revolutionary War paintings seem to be a favorite among countless guests and visitors.

Freedom Trail

No trip or vacation in Boston is ever complete without visiting the Freedom Trail. This historic landmark is a haven for hiking, walking, and jogging enthusiasts. The Trail is also frequented by nature lovers, bird watchers, and those that want to experience Mother Nature at her finest. Freedom Trail comprises 2.5 miles of historic sites, including Downtown, Boston Commons, the U.S.S. Constitution in Charlestown, and the Boston National Historic Park. While the walk is long -- it is a must for those that want to learn about the earliest history of the United States.

These are but a few destinations that anyone visiting Bean Town should consider. For more information, speak to a local travel agent about guided tours, bus tours, and walking tours that will meet all your needs within time and budget.
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